Eelko Moorer is an interdisciplinary designer-maker of interior artefacts, footwear and bespoke accessories. His interest is in how artefacts can function as performative agents offering critical perspectives or alternatives on existing typologies and contexts through design.

Moorer approaches design as language with everyday artefacts functioning as a vehicle to investigate and question the world around him.

The design objects Moorer makes are animated and invested with a provocative agency aimed at seducing the audience/spectator's attention in particular ways changing from object to object. They aim to retain an emphasis by resisting convention through and deviating from the norm.

Moorer has worked on a variety of commissions and consultancy. His practice and output include designs for industry, bespoke and catwalk pieces, interior design objects for galleries, installation, performance, to short film as well as lectures and workshops on the creative process of conceptual and critical thinking.

Moorer is currently living and working in London and Course Leader for MA Footwear at the London College Fashion