ACID SAFARI for Bloomberg Waste Not Wanted 4, 2013

Lounge area installation of 20 furniture pieces for Bloomberg HQ, London.

In ACID SAFARI Eelko Moorer confronts the office environment with an expressive outing of the personal and tactile. The installation consists of stools with arm rests, low tables and lights;  all of which are functional, but whose aesthetic language embodies a playful, tactile, somewhat absurd animalistic nature. 

Moorer cites Atiz Rezistance, J-M Basquiat, Alchymia, and animism as influences.  The functional objects are enlivened by the patterns manually crafted into their surfaces, and the bright pigments dyed into them.  Screened furnishings are positioned in the middle of the room and on closer inspection reveal a specially commissioned repetitive hypnotic surface animation by Catherine Anyango providing a contemplative centre, or altar, to the installation environment.

The work was realised using Bloomberg pallets, discarded computer screens and computers combined with a low-tech approach to making. A level of intricacy is added to the pieces through colourful inlay, patterns and dying. The dimensions of the pieces are as much as possible defined by the size of the pallets, using halves or doubles of this standard unit. The aim was to design different styles and functions of furniture together so to create odd typological hybrids resembling animalistic creatures.

Acid Safari Eelko Moorer at Waste Not Want It 4
Acid Safari Eelko Moorer at Waste Not Want It 4