Vera, Chapter One is a multi-disciplinary exhibition orchestrated by KM and ÉM as the first part of an on-going project evolving around a fictional character.

Eleven designers took the fictional character of a lady called Vera as their muse and presented the results in a west London basement during the London Design Festival 2010. Exploring a literacy approach to design, this exhibition showcases an eclectic body of work, including product design, illustration, graphics and olfactive design, by some emerging international talent.

Vera is a fictional character based on a series of photographs from a girl’s family found a few years ago in a second hand shop in Brighton. A group of artists & designers have been commissioned to respond to one image from the series in order to create the first chapter of Vera’s fictive and collaborative biography. Vera’s material and sensorial world is brought into reality through this speculative body of work.

The exhibition room becomes her intimate space into which the visitor is invited to discover an original series of suppositional artefacts.

VERA  MATERIALS: Leather, Corian, Wenge


MATERIALS: Leather, Corian, Wenge

VERA expo pic.jpg