Jungle Vase Purple Eelko Moorer


Eelko Moorers latest project is a provocative venture entitled the Jungle Vase. This urethane vase covered in a full head of silicone hairs and created using rotational moulding, is a striking rebirth of the typical domestic vessel. The anthropomorphic hairs which extend from its body are available in two hair lengths, 100 cm or 50 cm.

The longer version allows users to hang the vessel from a variety of objects, lending it the appearance of a jungle air plant wrapped round the branch of a tree, giving the vase a whole new functionality.

Presented for the first time at Great Brits: Ingenious Therapies for the British Council and the Design Museum at the Paul Smith HQ, Milan Furniture Fair 2007


Material: Polyurethane and silicone rubber

Dimensions vase: Approximately 37 cm x 23 cm. Hairs 50cm or 100 cm length.


The Jungle Vase is made to order and available in most colours.